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Launching 11 June 2024 on Kickstarter

Smart measurement for every movement
Step into a new era of fitness with Exerchain’s Smart Ring, your ultimate companion for unlocking peak performance! With cutting-edge technology, this sleek device is your key to achieving your fitness goals with precision and efficiency.

Powered by ExerChain app
Exerchain's AI technology incorporated in ExerChain app, aims to empower and motivate individuals by delivering weekly hyper-personalized fitness plans for further improvement and motivation, through its own deep learning technology as well as GPT.
Body data

Get insights to your health and wellness through our comprehensive body data

AI coach

Exerchain’s advanced AI provides personalized coaching for better wellness everyday

Challenge & rewards

Challenges and rewards that motivate you to reach your fitness goals

Advanced heart rate monitoring
Our optimized heart rate monitoring using Exerchain’s deep learning technology during exercise ensures efficient fat burn while you crush your goals. This may lead to a boosted metabolic rate and improved weight management. 
With 20+ activity types to choose from and personalized insights, you're unstoppable!
24/7 Wellness tracking
Track your sleep pattern
Get ready for the best sleep of your life! 
Explore detailed analysis of your sleep cycles, from REM to deep sleep stages, and discover your perfect wake-up times!
Smart touch control for convenience
Take control with just a touch! Seamlessly switch up your workout playlist, watch videos, and capture moments—all with a simple tap. It's like magic at your fingertips!